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Lowe Boats

Lowe Boats – A Good Choice In Boats

I love the outdoors and recreational fishing is a favorite pastime as I live right next to a lake. Having retired, with plenty of time on my hands and a comfortable nest egg for finances, I decided to buy a boat from Lowe Boats to indulge in my favorite pastime.

Having been in a senior management position for many years, I do not invest money without sufficient research and thought. I first scanned all the available material on recreational fishing and turned to advice from many of my fishing acquaintances.

It was only after doing my basic research did I decide to go in for a new aluminum boat from Lowe Boats, which I found, was the choice of both amateur and professional fishermen and water enthusiasts. Since Lowe Boats have a wide array of boats to select from, the difficulty was to decide what boat suited my needs best and yet was within my budget.

Lowe Boats were founded in 1971, and known as Lowe Line. In 1980 the co-founders, Carl and Diana Lowe, changed the name of the company to Lowe Boats. I made a trip to the nearest Lowe Boats store and I was greeted with friendliness and warmth.

The salesperson was attentive and after he listened to what I was searching for, he gave me a couple of options which were suited to my needs and was within my budget, give or takes a few dollars. At no point of time did I feel pressured into making a decision.

My searching questions were answered in great detail. He showed me the boats available. The attention to quality and functionality showed that the company thought from a customer’s point of view and this was a very good sign. I found that Lowe Boats has two lines of boats, Fishing Boats and Pontoon & Deck Boats. Lowe Boats

In the Fishing Boats category there were about 60 boat models in six series and this was a wide choice indeed. In the Pontoon & Deck category, there were four series with 28 models. The Fishing Boats models varied from base models to ski boats.

I would describe them as a fun series. They were well designed, with functional layout and the quality of build was plainly evident. The Pontoon & Deck Boats were luxurious and roomy with all comforts and amenities thrown in.

They were luxuriously and aesthetically designed, with functionality and accessibility in mind and crafted with excellent quality. It certainly had luxury written all over, from bow to stern. All in all, I was very pleased with my decision to go in for a Fishing Boat from Lowe Boats.

Aluminum boats have less maintenance costs and they are lightweight. The cost was well within my budget and I felt I had made a good bargain with Lowe Boats. I was told by the Lowe Boats salesperson, that Lowe Boats did not just believe in selling a boat, but to build a solid customer relationship based on the fine boats that Lowe Boats sold.

I found that it was not mere words; Lowe Boats goes that extra mile to see that the customer is well taken care of and fully satisfied. I would strongly recommend Lowe Boats without any hesitation.

Lowe Boats – A Good Choice In Boats