Lowe boats Jon boats

Lowe boats Jon boats

Lowe boats Jon boats

The Lowe boat company was founded in the year 1971 and since then they have touched many mile stones and have given great times to families on the water. The Lowe boats Jon boats have gained a reputation among experienced boaters.

Lowe is the leader in the entire aluminum boat market and they have led the whole boat building industry forward. Lowe has built high quality, affordable aluminum boats to suit a family’s needs. Lowe boats is located in Ozarks known for its craftsmanship.

All boats are made using deep-V construction and mod-V construction methods. The CAD technology used to build the Lowe boat Jon boats ensure that the boats are precision built. The boat hulls, decks, bulkheads, stringers, ribs, gunnels and transoms are locked together by a bonded system.

Six longitudinal stringers are welded together with transverse ribs and are spaced closely from bow to stern to give strength to the substructure. The Lowe boats Jon boats are constructed fully of aluminum and this makes it light weight and highly durable. The unique extruded gunnels system provides extra bump protection and boat rigidity.

The hulls are built to meet very high standard and they are hand-sanded. The hull is cleaned and acid-etched and painted with zinc coated primer. Then the hull is painted with high quality enamel paint for superior adhesion and then it is oven baked to give it a lasting good look.

The aluminum used to construct the Lowe boat Jon boat is hand-welded by experienced craftsmen to give the boat a consistent and smooth weld. To give the boat more strength and flexibility they use 100 inch H-34 marine aluminum. These aluminum sheets are one of the toughest and most durable alloy sheets used in the construction of boats.

The most important part in a boat is its bottom and the Lowe boats Jon boats are made of thick walled extruded aluminum center keel, which is made of a single piece, heavy duty strake that gives the hull rigidity and protects the bottom. The motor well is formed by the six longitudinal stringers and the hull bottom and sides that are bonded with the transoms.

A smooth and dry ride is made possible by the modified V-design that tapers at the transom and progresses to form a deeper V at the bow. The extruded running strakes placed across the hull bottom provides more stability during high speed running. This also controls and reduces sliding while making turns.

All Lowe boats Jon boats are fitted with massive bow storage boxes, bilge pumps, pedestal seat bases and running lights. A few models are fitted with a rod or gun locker and an extra large aerated live-well. Most of the boats are painted in Olive Drab but you can also opt for a dressier finished boat.

Traditional Jon boats are made of totally flat bottoms whereas the newer versions are made to combine superior performance and higher strength. The Gator-skin used in the Lowe boats Jon boats reduces impact and is weather proof. They lessen the vibration thus helping in a smoother ride.

They also making cleaning easier and they resist water penetration and corrosion. Lowe boats Jon boats are built to suit the casual hunter and the latest changes made in the construction of these boats suit the professional sportsman.